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Name: AmbiLoc
Description: Ambient indoor localization is a research field that studies indoor localization systems based on ambient signals of opportunity, such as those from broadcasting TV and FM radio stations or GSM networks. By using already existing high-power transmitters, such systems provide very wide coverage (in contrast to current short-range solutions). However, the need for specialized receivers and laborious data collection complicate further research in this area, despite the promising initial results. AmbiLoc solves this problem by providing a ready-made dataset of ambient radio fingerprints. The dataset has been systematically collected in multiple testbeds, including large-scale and multi-floor buildings, over the course of one year. Using AmbiLoc, any researcher can quickly experiment with ambient indoor localization, create, evaluate and compare novel localization methods.
Author/s: Andrei Popleteev
Uploaded by: admin
Date added: Nov. 13, 2017, 4:30 p.m.

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