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Name: UJIIndoorLoc
Description: This data set is focused on WLAN fingerprint positioning technologies and methodologies (also know as WiFi Fingerprinting). The UJIIndoorLoc database covers three buildings of Universitat Jaume I with 4 or more floors and almost 110.000m2. It can be used for classification, e.g. actual building and floor identification, or regression, e.g. actual longitude and latitude estimation. It was created in 2013 by means of more than 20 different users and 25 Android devices. The database consists of 19937 training/reference records (trainingData.csv file) and 1111 validation/test records (validationData.csv file).
Author/s: Joaquín Torres-Sospedra, Raul Montoliu, Adolfo Martínez-Usó, Tomar J. Arnau, Joan P. Avariento, Mauri Benedito-Bordonau, Joaquín Huerta, Yasmina Andreu, óscar Belmonte, Vicent Castelló, Irene Garcia-Martí, Diego Gargallo, Carlos Gonzalez, Nadal Francisco, Josep López, Ruben Martínez, Roberto Mediero, Javier Ortells, Nacho Piqueras, Ianisse Quizán, David Rambla, Luis E. Rodríguez, Eva Salvador Balaguer, Ana Sanchís, Carlos Serra, and Sergi Trilles.
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